Holu Hou Energy Residential Energy System

Integrated DC-Based home energy system

with smart home functionality


HHE State of the Art Energy System: Power Electronics, Modular Energy Controller and 15.4kWh Battery Module

Product Features

  • Advanced Modular Inverter

  • DC-based system for high reliability and efficiency

  • Safer “LFP” Li-Ion battery chemistry – Battery “nameplate” rating of 15.4kWh (13.0kWh usable)

  • 9.6kW of AC power

  • Modular and Scalable

    • Configurable with up to (2) batteries, for 30.8kWh nameplate rating.

    • Up to 4 PV inputs are possible

  • Reliable transition between on-grid and off-grid modes

  • Indoor or outdoor installation – Corrosion resistant

  • Proprietary Smart Control Center

    • Cloud Computing Platform

    • WiFi and Bluetooth Control with Apps compatibility for Apple and Android devices

    • Integrated home / building load control.

hhe home base.jpg
  • Best choice for safety – good thermal stability

  • Not as compact due to lower specific energy – battery will be larger in size for equivalent kWh

Similar cost to NMC

  • Poor safety and lifetime

  • Typically for EV Battery (ie Tesla, LG Chem)

  • Higher Specific Energy - good for EV, allows for smaller size package

  • Worse for safety - less thermally stable

Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry for Better Safety


Customer Interface, Control and Applications

  • Owners can access their systems and applications for control or see performance reports through an internet connected browser (no local HMI on the system).

  • Computer, Tablet and Smartphone devices can be utilized.

  • Bluetooth connectivity enables system control in the event of an internet outage

  • Apps will be released for both IOS and Android

  • Captures and reports grid events

Will be compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa systems at the end of 2021.


Smart Home Features