Your Home Battery Storage Solution

Home Base

Home Base Applications

Solar Self Supply - Store more energy for later

Backup Power - Keep your power on during grid outages 

Grid Services - Participate in utility programs and earn extra cash

Time of Use - Shift your solar energy consumption during peak hours to cut utility bills

Zero Export - Eliminate exporting allows for easier permitting and system approvals


Home Base Advantages


Large Capacity Battery Bank - Power your home with solar 24/7 with up to 26kWh of battery capacity

Serious Power - With 5-10kW of instantaneous backup power, Home Base ensures your homestays up when the grid goes down

Energy Optimization - Home Base is flexible and optimizes your applications to maximize cost-savings and energy usage

DC Efficiency - DC-coupled design reduces energy conversion losses common in AC-coupled systems. See AC vs DC Systems.

Technical Specifications

Battery Cell Technology     

Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LFP)

Battery Modules


Usable Energy

13 kWh

Power Output

Peak  15 kW

Continuous 5kW


10 years


L X W X D 

24.0157 X 83.54331 X 9.29134

(610mm X 2122mm X 236mm)


599.657 lbs/ 272 kg


Indoor and Outdoor, Ground or Wall Mount


UL1642, UL1973, UN/DOT 38.3

Stackable Configurations               

1-4 Strings of PV Modules per inverter

1-2 Battery Stacks per inverter


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