Multi-Family Services

Unique Approach to Unlock Multi-Family Solar

Holu Hou Energy offers a comprehensive approach that overcomes traditional barriers to designing, financing, and installing solar for multi-family properties.




System Design

Multi-family solar projects present unique design challenges. Due to variability in occupancy, the energy requirements for an individual residence can change drastically over time, making it difficult to determine the right amount of solar for each home. In our design process, we take into account vacancy rates, different electricity usage between families, and ever-changing tenants. Through our detailed analysis, we design systems that maximize overall energy savings while minimizing risk.


Holu Hou Energy brings unique technology to multifamily solar that allows energy to flow to whichever home needs it. With traditional solar systems, each home has its own solar system. With our approach, we allow an aggregated solar and battery system to serve each home according to the amount of energy that it needs. In this way, as energy usage changes over time, our system is able to adapt.




We are able to offer no-money-down solar to multifamily properties using power purchase agreements. Through our extensive experience developing multifamily solar projects, we have identified financing partners and contract structures that address the added complexity of serving a diverse multifamily property.