The Hawaii Team

Construction Superintendent

Matthew Cosbie

Matt is Holu Hou's superintendent. He oversees project design and construction.


He was previously the general manager of Kama’aina Energy, under his supervision the company installed commercial systems on all of the islands in Hawaii.

Collectively Matt has over 7 years Renewable Energy Industry experience.

Director of Business Operations

Matthew Choy

In this role he oversees the project development process from sales origination through project execution.


Prior to joining Holu Hou, Matt gained regulatory and policy experience at the state of Hawaii Division of Consumer Advocacy and in the Washington D.C. office of Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa.


Matt began his career in management consulting in New York. He holds a B.S. from Yale University and an MBA from the University of Hawaii. 

Licensed Electrician

Matthew Kunau

Matthew Kunau is an Electrical Foreman who works with renewable energy leaders to build projects that foster a cleaner future. During his career, he has led  electrical construction teams throughout the country, from Iowa to Northern California and across the archipelago of Hawaii.


Matthew knows that the global demand for more energy powers the demand for greater sustainability.  


He has garnered over a decade of electrical construction experience. Led organizations in realizing new goals in the deployment of clean energy. As a Construction Foreman for a large nationwide solar company, his team led the company in the number of projects completed over a year. He is proud to lead teams whose objectives are to benefit the environment, energize the customer, and empower ordinary people to build a cleaner future. As a foreman, he believes that a successful project is only made possible when knowledgeable individuals work together to form a powerful team.  


Matthew is a licensed electrician who completed a 5-year NJATC training program and whose OSHA 30 certification contributes towards the goal of crew safety and excellence.  

Project Development Manager

Corey Kleppe

In his role he works on project development from sales origination through project execution.

Prior to joining Holu Hou, Corey was earning his Master's Engineering Science Degree in Energy Management oversees in New Zealand. 

Corey brings construction project management experience to the team with experience in residential construction as well as supporting a growing startup company focused on sustainable recovery of food waste to liquid organic fertiliser. 


Corey Began his career in environmental science in Washington. He holds a B.S in Environmental Science from Western Washington University and a Master's Degree in Energy Management from the University of Auckland.

Director of Project Engineering

Todd Taniguchi

Todd is Holu Hou's project and development engineer. He is a mechanical engineer and has previously supported Clean Energy and efficiency projects in Asia, Hawaii, and the mainland United States.


He joins the team with experience in portfolio energy and sustainability management for institutional and Fortune 500 commercial real estate clients as well as design and auditing experience for new construction and major renovation projects.


Todd holds a bachelor's of engineering from Harvey Mudd college.

Senior Account Executive

Joshua Carroll

Josh is the Senior Account Executive at Holu Hou Energy. In this role, Josh is able to exploit his specialty and provide consultative services to those who are interested in adding safe and reliable, renewables to their home and or business.

He started his career in the renewable industry in 2012, just two years after graduating from high school. After opening and selling a successful cleaning business, he was offered the opportunity to join one of the top renewable companies on O'ahu. After a few years of navigating the local industry, Josh was approached by a battery manufacturer, out of California, to help open a branch on O'ahu. Josh spent a couple more years working for others in the local industry until he opened Green Vision Consulting – Where he provided consultative services to home and business owners, regarding their electrical needs and goals.