Commercial Services

Complete Turnkey Renewable Energy Systems

We offer a variety of solar and energy storage services for all types of commercial and industrial projects





Solar PV Systems

The Holu Hou team has collectively developed and installed over 60+ Commercial PV projects ranging in size from 20kW-1.4MW.


We can fully develop your solar projects or support other EPCs and developers. We perform a range of supplementary services to streamline installation and permitting.

Holu Hou is well versed in providing energy storage solutions that achieve the best savings and incentives.


Our energy storage solutions can reduce your peak utility bill charges, participate in grid service programs and can provide backup power when the grid goes down. Energy Storage can be a cost-effective, reliable solution. 

Energy Storage

Solar PV Carports

PV Carports are a becoming a great option for using under used space of parking lots with a solar canopy structure. Additionally customers will appreciate the comfort of “shade parking”.


A solar panel carport can be used to fit the needs of any business. Everything from size to style can be designed by the business owner and can result in a project that pays off quickly and starts bringing immediate cash flow.