DC vs AC Coupled Battery Storage Systems

  • Minimum Conversion Points = Reduced Electricity Waste

  • Single inverter reduces system complexity

  • PV and Battery system are "behind-the-meter" simplifying utility interconnection

  • Faster battery re-charging compared to AC system during extended outages 

DC-Coupled System

Stores DC current electricity in Battery converts DC to AC to serve home load

Generates DC current electricity

DC-Coupled System

  • Multiple conversion points = Wasted Electricity

  • Multiple inverters require more system equipment and communication points, creates increased system failure rate

  • PV system size constrained by utility regulations

  • The charge rate is slower compared to DC system when grid outage occurs

AC-Coupled System

Generates DC current electricity

Converts DC current to AC current

Converts AC to DC and Stores DC current electricity converts back to AC to use stored electricity

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